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What we do 

Corporate Milestones sources major corporate anniversaries across the USA and Canada, for 200th, 175th, 150th, 125th, 100th, 75th, and 50th year anniversaries.

We provide, in Excel format, the anniversary number, company name, various main contacts with their titles, emails when available, website address, telephone number, head office address, LinkedIn page addresses, employee counts, and parent company when available.

See sample listing at

Why we do it

Through various projects with clients across North America over the years, we realized that many didn't take advantage of all the benefits of celebrating their major corporate anniversaries.

These milestones enhance relations with employees, clients, investors and suppliers as they speak to reputation, credibility, depth and longevity.

How we do it

For the last seven years, our team of experienced researchers has scoured the internet, curated and identified each anniversary, and confirmed the data through a combination of several search parameters and reference sources.

Our clients

  Major corporate anniversaries are GREAT PROSPECTS FOR...

  • Conference & Banquet facilities

  • Cruise ship lines

  • Caterers

  • Logo designers

  • Promotional products, incentives and awards

  • Meeting and event planners

  • Travel agencies and consultants

  • Public Relation firms

  • Hotel chains 

  • Historical legacy publishers

  • Resorts

  • Restaurant chains

  • Tourism - Meetings and conventions marketing

"Any one of our sourced

corporate anniversary entities can represent  major revenue for

your firm."


Anniversary lists

and rates

  • USA 2023 (71 listings)  $109.US 

Counts... 200th (1), 175th (2), 150th (3), 125th (7), 100th (19), 75th (16), and 50th (23)

  • USA 2024 (95 listings)  $279.US 

Counts... 275th (1), 225th (1), 200th (2), 175th (2), 150th (1), 125th (10), 100th (35), 75th (20), and 50th (24)

  • Canada 2024 (22 listings)  $79.US 

Counts... 275th (2), 150th (3), 125th (3), 100th (4), 75th (3), and 50th (7)

Deadline to order list(s): August 31st, 2023

Lists are supplied in Excel format.

Your list will then be emailed to you in Excel format within 24 hours from confirmation of payment.


Lists are not to be shared, resold or posted online. Such activity is closely monitored. 

Order our lists


Pre-paid by Credit Card or PayPal 

Email with any questions or to place an order.

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