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Milestones Media Services

Spread the news of your major corporate anniversary 
across all pertinent media.

For years now at Corporate Milestones, we’ve made a specialty of tracking and compiling all the major corporate anniversaries across the United States and Canada.

Many of our clients have mentioned that they don’t necessarily have access to professional content and media distribution staff to reach all the media that should publish the news of their major corporate anniversary.

So we’ve assembled a team of media content distribution specialists to do just that.

We can write your story, or you can supply it to us with photographs. (Maximum of 300 words)

Our Milestones Media Services division takes care of identifying and contacting the following relevant media entities to create opportunities for widespread exposure to your major corporate milestone story.

MEDIA (varies with each project)

- Online media. Business, trade, and consumer.

- Newspapers. Local, regional, and national.

- Magazines. Business, trade, and consumer.

- Radio and TV stations. Local, regional, and national.




National or North American Plan: $2,500.

Regional/Local Plan: $1,500.

Payment: 50% at order, 50% at media delivery report.

Credit card or PayPal through PayPal only.

Rates are in USD.

Turnaround time to media from final text and photos: 2-3 weeks

Email us to order or for more information at

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